You ain't a kiddin'!
Hey folks, this is a page I need some
help with....I'm lookin' for some short
stories and I'll update this page from
time to time! Let me start off with
one...I'm not sure if anyone
remembers this but me so here
One day while visiting at Grandpaw and
Grandmaw's house, I'm not sure
which uncle it was (either Raymond or
Ronald) decided to pick up my BB gun
and do a little target practice with
Grandpaw's rooster!
As Uncle Ronald(or Raymond) 'lit'
into the rooster  it would holler with
each shot....moving from one side of the
shed then to the other! He stalked the
rooster following its every move.
About that time Grandpaw had his
own ideas and wanted to get in on the
fun so the next thing I know was that
the screen door of the house flew open
and out runs Grandpaw with a .22 pistol!
Grandpaw leaps off the porch, aims
in the direction of the rooster and
unloads all six rounds! BLAM!!!
Well the rooster didn't move an
inch...much to our amazement. Had
Grandpaw missed the rooster?
Nope! On his way back into the house
laughing he just simply said, "BLANKS!"

-You ain't a kiddin!
One of Grandpaw's last jobs before retirement
was runnin' a turkey farm outside of Bentonville
Arkansas! This photo was taken in 1972.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Here's a nice story from Sherry, she  is the
Mother of cousin' Tony and Danny's first wife.
Sherry writes:

"I remember when I met your Grandpaw, in Lake
City Arkansas. I was 17 and never been out of
Texas. Claudie and his son Chris was comin' to visit
and he wanted Danny and I(we were dating at the
time) to go with them to Lake City. So we did, we
were off to meet Mr. and Mrs. Seay.
I slept with the girls, Betty and Sheila, and
the first night I was so nervous I slept in my
clothes! The next morning after breakfast I
was on the front porch and your Grandpaw came out,
whistled and said "girl, do you know how to drive?"
I said " Yes Sir" and he said "Come on and drive
over here".  We drove up to a levy and fished a
while and he talked and whistled, I can't remember
everything he said but I giggled alot!!
We got back to the house and I was walkin'
around in the back yard lookin' at the chickens. I
thought they were fighting.....or somethin' else.
Well about that time I stepped in Chicken !@*#
and down I went! Your Grandpaw laughed so hard
I thought he would fall out! He told your uncles,
"Danny sure got himself a city girl!"

"I would also like to add that your Grandmother,
Mrs. Seay, is one of the few real ladies I have
ever met! Your Grandparents are decent upstanding
people, you come from good stock!"

               Love to All,Sherry-the city girl

Thanks Sherry for the story and kind words!!

Look for a story form Kenny, Comin' Soon!
Here's a few from Uncle Roy:


"...DID YOU KNOW that Dad once caught a catfish
that was about 30 inches long and weighed about
30 lbs!  It was almost as big as Sheila was at the

"Another fish story was the day Dad caught 19
catfish in one day, sixteen in the morning but
only three that afternoon!
that Danny, Robert and I quit fishing to keep
count and strung the fish for him!"

           -You ain't a kiddin'!

Thanks Roy!
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