You ain't a kiddin'!
"During my Senior year in High School I took
a few days to visit Grandpa and Grandma. We
went over to Theland and Sheila's house to
fish for a few days. One day during that
week, Grandpa told me to take him over to
Newport to get him some beer. Grandma gave
him some beer money and she told him not to
get more than a case, then I drove Grandpa
down to Newport. We got to the beer store
and before he got out I reminded him that
Grandma would skin me alive if I let him get
more than a case!
He went inside and I remember sitting in the truck waitin' for him.
Seemed like he was in there forever, probalby "shootin' the Bull" with
the man inside, I'm sure! When he came out of the store, I about fell out
of the truck laughing. Willie came out of the store with a HUGE case of
forty ounce beers! Grandpa just said, "I only got a case!"

          -You ain't a kiddin, Thanks Kenny!
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