Robert's Tales of the Seays!
These prints were taken in May 1980, which indicates that Dad
was 70 years old. We made the trip to Oak Grove, Alabama for
Decoration Day. At this location, for this annual event relatives
haul in white sand, prevalent to the area, with which they cover
the graves.   -Robert L. Seay
Willie, his Aunt Hattie Beam Green, a painting of
her mother(Willie's Grandmother) Addie
Adeline Stokes Beam & Aunt Hattie's daughter,
Minnie Kennedy.
Aunt Hattie lived to be 103(she was 101 years, 5 months in this photo).
I witnessed, firsthand, her independent nature, which was probably one
reason for her longevity. Her daughter wanted to take photos of Dad and
I with Aunt Hattie, after which I got up from the couch and reached for
Aunt Hattie's arm to help her up. She shook me off and said, " I can make
it up myself", which she did! I guess Dad received his genetics for longevity
from that side of the family.
In 1982, before Mom, Dad and I departed from McHue to make another
trip to Oak Grove for Decoration Day, they had received word that 103-year
old Aunt Hattie had passed away. After about 5 hours on the road and as we
got a little closer to Oak Grove, I could tell that Dad had something on his
mind. After quizzing him a little, he began to chat and then, as serious as he
could be, said, "I can't seem to get poor Ol' Aunt Hattie off my mind. I'm
just sitting here a wondering what in the world could have killed her!!"
Uncle Calvin Carpenter & his wife, Aunt
Cilla Seay Carpenter, Willie.
Aunt Cilla was one of four children born to Great-Granddad William
A. Seay by his second wife, Telitha T. Kimbrough. A half-sister to Grandpa
Ode, Cilla was the youngest, born in 1901 and 79 years old in this photo
and only 9 years older than Dad.
When Dad and I drove up to their home, Uncle Calvin came out on the
porch and, upon recognizing Dad, immediately began dancing a jig. By the
looks of him, I felt sure that we would have to carry him to the emergency
room before he ever stopped. Dad finally grabbed his arm and said, "Uncle
Calvin, you always was a good dancer, but if you don't stop, I'll have to
send this boy after water to wet the porch down so it won't catch fire!"