Willie Seay
The Ballad
Willie Seay
Get ready and sing
along, its the tune
of "Davy Crockett"
written by Roy Seay!
(well, I wrote the first
lines and Roy did all the
rest, ENJOY!!!)
Born on a cotton farm in Arkansas
Worn long sleeved shirts and overalls
Planted the fields and pulled all the weeds,
Picked two-tons of cotton when he was only three

Willie, Willie Seay, King of the cotton patch!

Drove a team of mules to plow the fields
Till the crops were ready to give their yields
And while he was handlin' this burdensome chore
He cut 'nough firewood for winter store

Willie, Willie Seay, a workin' man for sure!

When the Great Depression came he left the farm
With the clothes on his back and guitar on his arm
Took to hoppin' trains to test his fate
As he hoboed across the western states

Willie, Willie Seay, A man who rode the rails

When he came home, his hoboin' was done
He married Thelma and a family begun
Blest with thirteen children by the Lord above
Gave them a legacy of Hope, Faith, and Love

Willie, Willie Seay, he taught his children well!

As time went by, his workin' days were passed
The children seemed to grow up so awful fast
After ninety-four years of living very well
He took a train to glory, to ring that golden bell!

Wille, Willie Seay, he's hoboed his last ride.