The Cotton Patch
A Day in the life at the
Seay's during Cotton
Pickin time. -Part 1
by Roy Seay
The typical day of picking cotton
began early -- almost yesterday.
Mom would be getting breakfast
started to feed ten or twelve hungry
faces. Breakfast would consist of
biscuits, gravy, oatmeal and/or rice,
bacon and/or sausage or maybe just
fried bologna. Sometimes there
would be fried potatoes these
usually reserved for supper, along
with pinto beans and green beans,
(hog food as Willie called it) Great
Northern beans, blackeyed peas and
corn bread. Of course we had plenty
of whole milk and churned butter,
since we had a milk cow.
While Mom was busy in the kitchen,
Dad would  be getting a fire going in
the wood stove, if it were cold
enough to require heat. Dad would
also get us kids up and
ready to go - first to get the
morning chores done before
breakfast, and after breakfast,
go to the cotton field. At
breakfast we would sit in what
became our "assigned" seats.
Dad at the head of the table with
three or four chairs  around one
side of the table Mom and the
older kids. The younger kids sat
on a long bench on the other
side of the table. When it was all
ready and on the table it was
"Eat Hog or Die Poor"!
With breakfast over, the cotton
pickers would pile into the truck
or station wagon and head for
the field.
By the time we got to the field
and walked to the end of the
cotton rows
it would be getting light enough so we could see to pick the cotton. Dad would
get us all lined up and announce, "Let's head for the wagon yard!". The wagon
yard was where the wagon was stationed that we could empty our cotton
sacks into after weighing the contents.
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