Born in the early days of summer in nineteen twenty-one,
With one older and nine younger siblings,Thelma never felt alone.
Almost from the very beginning,Thelma carried a heavy load,
Living in a farmhouse at the end of an unpaved country road.

Whether going to school, church, or just to visit a friend,
Thelma traveled many a dusty mile as she walked from end to end.
Dirt roads led Thelma where she needed to go most days of her life,
Including to town that fateful day Willie took her to be his wife.

Thelma, a hard working sharecropper's wife, always gave her all,
Cooking, cleaning, washing, and ironing were her daily call.
As though these chores were not enough of a constant load,
She'd fetch the mail from the box, at the end of the dusty, dirt road.

As the years went by, Thelma gave birth to fifteen children.
Though two girls died early, Thelma knew God remained her friend.
Thelma never felt abandoned by her Lord as  she daily strode,
For she walked hand-in-hand with Jesus along the dusty, dirt road.

Thelma lived a long and faithful life as a loving mother and wife.
Until beyond the sunset she passed without pain or worry or strife.
On a bright and sunny day in September, God called her home.
And  Thelma was not afraid when she heard the Lord say, "come."

In a small church, many gathered to bid Thelma a final farewell.
To her memory, with songs of praise their voices did woefully swell.
Once the funeral service ended, into the hearse her coffin they did load,
And Thelma traveled toward the cemetery along one last, dusty dirt road.

One small life, but oh what a tremendous impact was our Mother's love;
For her children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, as well as God above.
What a wonderful life Thelma led in our presence; her glory to the Lord was bold.
And now she walks hand-in-hand with Jesus on magnificent streets of gold.


With grateful appreciation to Nathan Murray for his loving thoughtfulness

Thelma's Last Dirt  
by Roy L. Seay