Bedsheets n'ShotGuns!
On one Halloween night when we older kids were just
little kids(Ha!) and didn't know all about Halloween
and that scary stuff that went on, Dad's boss' daughter
and her girlfriends who were teenagers decided they'd
come to our house to "trick or treat" us. When they came
to the door, they were all made up in their "halloween
garb" and since we were small and didn't know what was
going on, it really scared us to see them that way. We
didn't know who they were, but Dad did!
Well Dad didn't like them coming around and scaring
us and Mom didn't have any "treats" because she didn't
expect anyone. So Dad decided to turn it around on them
and oblige them with a "trick" of his own!
After they left and were
heading back on the road, Dad
got a sheet and put it over him
like a ghost and started up
the road after them with his
shotgun! As he stood in the
road with his sheet flapping
in the breeze like a ghost he hollered, "BOO!", and with a
blast of his shotgun into the air they had ran off like
scared rabbits never to return for another Halloween trick
or treat!        --Marge"
"You Ain't A