Life Accordin' to Willie Seay
"Great Day in the Mornin'! My name
is Willie Littleton Seay, not the
Ocean but the Seay...the 'y' is to keep
the "Seay" from overflowin'! I
traveled a bit during the Great
Depression, jumpin' trains but
rain on that, the Depression didn't
seem that great to me. Well after I
rode the rails fer a while I married
me a young gal by the name of Thelma
Norman Well seems the 'Seay' did
overflow a bit , why me and Thelma
had 15 kids!
"What has been ain't no more, and
what aint' no more will be again."
Eight girls and Seven boys, why each
girl had seven sisters and seven
brothers and each boy had eight sisters
and six brothers!(I had to get my
marbles rollin' 'round to figure that
one!) Well after livin' most of a
Century I've learned a few things here
and there, and done quite a bit too.
From jumpin' trains, pickin' my guitar
and pickin' cotton....farmin', fishin',
raisin' turkeys...and me and Themla
raisin' all 'em kids! It wasn't easy,
seems sometimes if it weren't for two
kinds of luck I would'nt have any! The
Lord blessed me with a good hard
workin' , lovin' family and we made it
through all right! So I reckon just snort
around on this here website and study
on life accordin' to me.....

          ... Willie Littleton Seay!