The Seay's
"Night Before Christmas"
reckon it was the night before Christmas in Northeast Arkansas,
where the Seay family lived, fifteen, in all.

The kids were crammed all in one bed,
stacked  three high and four wide, feet touchin' heads.

With Willie in his overalls, that he wears all  year 'round,
and Thelma sewing quilts, not a peep or a sound!

"Great day in the mornin'" , Willie heard a big racket,
he put on his boots and grabbed a warm jacket.

On the porch he went, to investigate the 'thud',
It was a team of mules and wagon, stuck in the mud!

n top of the wagon sat a big ol' man,
a floppy hat, pipe, and Prince Albert in a can.

He had a long gray beard, curly and clean,
wearing the funniest red long-johns, Willie ever seen!

He was haulin' sacks full of cotton, at least Willie had thought,
not cotton, but gifts that the ol' man had brought.

Willie hollerd to the ol' man, as he hopped down right here,
"...kinda' late to get your cotton in, this time of year!"

y then Thelma and the kids had come out of the house,
Willie said, " Me and my boys can get your wagon out!"

"Just give me the reins, we'll  haul it out of the yard,
when ya' hear me holler , you boys... pull real hard!"


Hey RONALD....

hey pulled and they pulled  'till the wagon came free,
the 'ol  man got back in and he thanked , Mr. Seay!

"Well ..., Mr. Seay, I gotta head down the road,
but take one of the sacks to lighten my load."

Willie replied,...

"Merry Christmas, to you and yours,...
and  we'll  see ya' Tuesday.....
...Wednesday for sure!"
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