Our Mother's Heart
(adapted from "My Mother's Heart" by Jill Lemming)
Our Mother's heart was so tender
and her face did so gently glow.
She was our friend and our inspiration;
she was the sweetest mom, you know.

She gave herself so freely
to those who shared her life
She clearly loved her children
with the love that comes from Christ.

Her eyes filled with compassion;
her voice so soft and mild;
She lived for helping others,
leaving her "heartprints" all the while.

Our Mother's love, so special,
grows sweeter with every year.
God blessed us with an angel;
she was our precious Mother, dear.

Thourgh our Mother's gone to heaven-
we know with Christ she's waiting there-
Her "heartprints" linger with us,
a sweet essence of her love and care.

Happy Mom's Birthday, Everyone!