Do ya' have Prince Albert in a can?
Ya' Better
Let 'em Out!!!
That joke was told over and over again in General Stores and
Drug Stores all across America since 1909 when Prince Albert
was taken from the tobacco bag and put into his can!
I am sure it was performed by many a Seay child too!!
Well, its funny how one comes to
collect things, I have came to
collect Prince Albert Tobacco stuff!
I bought my first pocket tin over
10 years ago because it reminded
me  of Grandpa!
I have a couple of his 14 oz.
cans that still had some hardware
in it and kept all of it because
if he didn't  throw it away,
then why should I!
So with any collection or hobby
one tends to learn the history
of such things!
So here we go a runnin'...


. . .there really was a Prince Albert!

Prince Albert was introduced in
cloth bags that sold for 5 cents.
In 1909 they put him in the
red tin can!
So if you look at the photo above left it says:
That was on the can for only one year!
So if your lucky to find a Prince Albert
can with "NOW KING" on it , it is VERY RARE!
Do wanna see some more?
Well click on
the photo on the
*Notice the top
of the Prince Albert Can
stickin out of  the Bib!
*Also notice half of
Cousin Brent's face
a' grinnin' in the back!
Prince Albert Edward VII became King
of Wales in 1901. The Reynolds Company
used an illustration of Mark Twain
interviewing his "hoy-de-toy-deness" ,
and the illustration was used on the can.
The wording on the can read
"NOW KING" . It was changed to "crimp
cut" upon his death in 1910.
So one thing leads to another and
with the magic of 'Ebay' I have
aquired a small collection of
Prince Albert, uh....junk!
Willie had his own collection
of Prince Albert cans and after
they were empty, he used them to
store items such as nuts and  
bolts or whatever would come in
handy someday!