Unlce Odas and myself had a
conversation about the 'Prince
Albert' tin and he relayed to me
that Grandpaw had took
a 'Prince Albert' can, pulled the
bottom off of it, cut down
the rest of the can and put these
together for a match tin!
Odas said that "Dad carried that
tin till the paint wore off!"
Well that story got my 'marbles
a turnin" So with the 'magic of
Ebay' again I got me a can and
decided to try my hand at the
ol' match tin!
(pictured above you can see the
parts of it, next to one that
was made by somebody that
knew what he was doing!)
Pictured above(on the left of the photo) is the 'cut down' job
that I have! Now you notice the regular size tin that has
a little 'doo-hickey' hangin' off of it? Well this is also rare and
it slides on the botton of the tin to hold matches!
If you look you can see the 'striker' on the side.
The following photo's of Prince
Albert stuff all have a patent
from 1907 but can be from any time
frame between 1910-1930's!
Above (left) is one of Grandpa's pipes
pictured with a can represented in the
advertisement on the above right!
Here is one of my favorites, it is post
1926 by the tobacco stamp. It is full
and still sealed!
Below is the back of the older tins.
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