The Seay Gulls
Pictured Above:
Russel, Uncle Burlie,(?)
Lola and Willie
In later years the next two 'Seay Gals' , Anna
Lou and Nancy joined
the first two and  they sang as a quartet
in Lake City!
Thus jokingly they called themselves,
"The Seay Gulls!"
Well  after the "little 'uns" became "big 'uns", Willie
and Thelma had two more "little 'uns"! As you can
see(picture below) Betty holding the hymn book and
Sheila standing behind at the right.
Here are all the Seay Gals in 2004!
(back row left to right)
Nancy, Tilda, Anna Lou, Betty
(front row left to right)
Marge, Thelma(Grandmaw) and
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Is it the "Seay Gulls" or "Seay Gals"? Well ,
they called themselves the "Seay Gulls"!
How did this come to pass?
Well , before radio and television the only
way to hear music was to sing it yourself
at home and at church!
During the 1930's and 1940's if you
had a radio you could tune into WSM Radio
station out of Nashville and listen to the
Grand Ol' Opry and hear the same songs sung
by folks like the Carter Family that
was familar to what was heard in church and
throughout the south.
All these "sangers" started "sangin'" in chuch. The
roots of 'Country music' came from the country, a
combination of local folk songs and church hymns!
To make a long story we know that
Willie Seay was a "picker and a sanger" and
during his Hobo days traveled around and
sang the songs of Jimmie Rodgers and others.
He was apart of a family quartet including
his Uncle Burlie and cousins, Russel and
Lola. They played local Barn Dances and
Pictured above:
Fellers from WSM's Grand Ol' Opry
Now that I am making a long story longer...
Uncle Burlie played the Banjo and Willie on
the guitar of course. Willie's brother Homer
played the fiddle and probably joined
in the family sessions!

Its time to skip ahead....

Willie and Thelma started to attend
a local mission church in Lake City
and  his young daughters Marge, and
Tilda started to sing duets from
the hymn book!
Well....Willie was proud of his 'Gals' singin'
and  when he found out that other
churches had  "5th Sunday Hymn Sings"
he would take Marge and Tilda to them
and  inform the Song Leader that, "my girls
are gonna bring a special"!
Now, that being said, I cannot fail to mention
that the rest of the family is not without musical
talent. They all can sing and some followed
in Willies footsteps and learned to pick the guitar,
like Tilda and Odas!
Anna Lou