Thelma Norman Seay was born June
27, 1921 in Lawrence Co., Arkansas
to Claude and Roxie Norman. The
second born in another large family
of eleven children.
At age seven she started first grade
and went through sixth grade.
Often,... her mother would keep
her and her older sister, Stella,
home  to help with chores and all
the washing! One of the last places
she attended school was just outside
of Lake City, Arkansas. The teacher
there thought she was a real good
learner. She learned poems and
remembered things quite easily. She
liked going to school but when she
met up with Willie after only dating
for 4 weeks, he proposed.

The whole family had gone to town
that day to buy their books for a
new school year and Willie and his
friend came in to talk to them and
he asked her if she wanted to go
get an ice cream cone and so they
did, well they got married...I'm not
sure about the ice cream cone!

-from interview of Thelma by Marge
Mother's Day, 2004
Willie and Thelma had 15 kids, 8
girls and 7 boys. Two of the little
girls died very early as babies,
Nettie and Sarah Jane. The other
siblings in order of birth:
Odas, Marge, Tilda, Claude,Anna,
Danny, Roy, Robert, Nancy, Ronald,
Raymond, Betty and Sheila!

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