Wood Carvin' Willie
All Right then, where were we?
Time to start working out more
details, like his bib overalls!
In the photo below you can see
some of the outline coming into
shape also a back side view....
I will attempt to carve a little
Prince Albert Can in his Bib
pocket, that will be tricky
because there is not much room
to work with! I may decide
to have him smoking a pipe!
OH, by the way
the carving is 9 inches
tall and a little under
2.5 inches wide at
his elbows!
Its hard to tell in the front view on the left
but I carved in some hair line accents you
can see them better in the back view on the right!
Once he is painted you'll be able to see it better.
To the left you
can see more details
especially his
back pockets,
and below carving
work on his
Just a little
more whittlin'
and its time
to paint up
the details.
Of course
the overalls
will be blue
but I need
to decide on
his shirt color!!